About Danielle Winner

Danielle Winner has been involved with horses for over 30 years. Both her and her family have been involved with rodeo for about the same amount of time.

  • She was a National High School Rodeo State Champion in 2000, 2001 and 2002. 
  • Has won numerous awards over the years
  • Worked on numerous farms

Danielle Winner and her husband Tab Winner purchased a family farm back in 2014 where they have turned the run down farm into an active horse farm.

They own over 35 acres of land and also lease another 55 acres that is full of horse trails and hunting land.

She has a vast first hand knowledge of horses and other barn animals.

Danielle provides around the clock care to her horses along with shots, routine vet checks, getting her horses shod on a regular schedule and keeping them in shape for the rodeo season.

Every single day you need to put the work in to take of your horses. Hay, grain, water along with maintaining fences and keeping them happy. She loves her horses.

Currently she owns 2 quarter horses that are 22 and 23 years old and also has a miniature horse that just turned 2 and is ready for training for her 3 year old daughter.

Danielle Winner



This blog is run by myself, Danielle Winner. My family and I have been around horses for over 30+ years and I have been a horse owner for over 25 of those. I have competed during most of those years taking some time off for career reasons and also having a daughter. She will hopefully be just as active as myself and a much better rider.

My daughter Adalynn got her first horse when she turned 1 year old. A miniature horse named Magic. I created this blog to help her and anyone else through the years on their horse journey.

We currently have a small old family horse farm that has 8 horses currently on the property. We are looking to expand and add more stalls along with an arena. We are in the process of putting in a round pen.

Some of the areas I currently or have competed in:

  • Barrel Racing
  • Team Roping
  • Pole Bending
  • Cattle Sorting
  • Team Penning
  • Breakaway Calf Roping

I love trail riding we have some nice trails around the property we own and lease.



I have been around horses since the age of 4 thanks to my mom. My brother is a great horse trainer, horse farrier and country singer. The first horse I competed on was an Appendix Quarter Horse named “Dusty”.

He was my go to horse throughout the years and he will never be replaced. He passed away a few years ago unfortunately. We competed at fairs and in National High School Rodeo winning many events and having a great time most of all.

I ended up going away to college to get my PharmD and become a Pharmacist. Since then it has been hard to get back into competing, but I have never given up and taken great care of our horses. I had our daughter Adalynn in 2016 and my mom got her a white miniature horse named Magic. This I think lit a fire to start getting back into it.

I had a longtime friend move just down the road from me and asked about boarding a horse at our farm. Hadn’t really thought about it, but gladly said said and that is where our next chapter began.

We currently have 8 horses on the farm and probably more coming as soon as the barn renovation is complete. We have worked hard to get the place up to par as a family. My friend got me back into competing along with my mom so we have been doing our best to practice and compete on the weekends.

We are finally in a position to go back into the horse scene full bore and take my daughter along for the adventure. This website is to help others on their journey. Never give up if owning and enjoying horses is something you want to do.