How Much Does It Cost to Stable a Horse?

Giving your horses a nice and a very comfortable place to stay with is something that is priceless. Who doesn’t deserve to have a good home, anyway? Stables or barns are just one of the first things that you must plan and consider if you are someone who is gaining interest on equines. Aside from all the horse’s maintenance that you must meet for your horses to have a longer and healthier life that we all know costs a lot of bucks, like a lot, building their homes is just another separate page to read on. Building your horse’s stable is another huge shot in your wallets because it is sort of more expensive than the annual expenses for your equine’s maintenance.

Your horses’ barn or stable can vary depending on the owner’s choice, availability of materials in the locale, size, and breed of your horses and more. Well, you can find some alternatives on how can you build their stables either in a very budget friendly way or in the most extravagant way. What are the factors that can influence the installation of your horse barn? Is it gonna be too much or not?

So how much does it cost to stable your horse? The average sizing that most real-time owners consider in making stables is usually between 8-12 horses, and this costs them around $20,000 to $40,000. This kind of budget is not a restricted, and a tight one and this type of expensive stable include the money allotted for workforce or the contractor’s daily compensation. However, the smaller the stable you get for your horse, let’s say a two-stall area, the cheaper and costs less than $10,000. That amount of money is still a huge amount, though. So, the costings of the materials needed in building your horses’ stable must be considered and planned so there will be no financial surprise that will be experienced.

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As I have said, there are factors that contribute to variation of the costings that you need to know for you to stable your horses and here is the list I have provided for you:

What influences the cost of building your horses’ stable?

  1. Land area and property. This is the first thing that you must ever think of when starting to build barns or stables for your horses especially if you do not have a personal space that can be used. With that fact, some owners rent out place while others do buy land area, so they have somewhere to put the stables on. In choosing the barn placement, the kind of environment, as well as the topography, must be checked on because these will affect the entire lifestyle of your horses as well as the maintenance needed to be done by the owner. Another thing here is, if your chosen area is simply far from the needed resources like water and electricity, personal installation of these can add up to your expenses hence, those must be considered. Adding electrical wiring might cause you around $3,000 while additional plumbing is around $7,500.
  2. The size and breed of horses. In determining how big the area needed for the stables also needs consideration on the number of horses you wish your barn to house as well as their sizes and breeds. These factors are also set as variables in planning for the kind and size of property needed for the barn installation since horse sizes vary depending on their breeds. In here, some owners tend to put extra space so there could be more rooms if ever they will add more horses to their stables.
  3. The features of the barn or stables. Some owners decide if they will build an aesthetic barn or a more functional one. This might also affect the costings of soon to arise barn or stables. Owners try to consider some features like adding of overhangs and insulation and even the type of door that they will be putting in the stables.
  4. The auxiliary areas. These are the areas beyond the stalls, and I think, needed to be planned and organize too. A good home for horses must also have some tack room, wash area and a storage area for feeding and bedding.
  5. Their safety must also be considered. Using materials that are not safe for your horses is like putting their lives at risk. You do not just put whatever is within the budget but also those things that will ensure your horses’ safety must be included.

Honestly, there are many factors that must be considered in building stables for your horses, and there are just one of the few. However, if you are the type of owner who chooses convenience over all complexities, you might also consider boarding for your horses. So, what about it?

Boarding stable is a lot more convenient for owners since what they do is pay a monthly or a weekly fee to keep their horses. Stables are being provided for horses as well as their feeding and bedding. American horse boarding has been categorized into four depending on the kind of services that they provider as well as the amount being paid by the owner.

A full board type includes all food, water, stables, cleaning and sometimes include their horse’s daily exercise or turnouts. It is like a complete package for your horses and also, this is considered as the highest paying kind of horse boarding. In some other areas in the US, services under full boarding also include grooming and riding of the horse.

A partial board type, horses, are provided with shelters, water, stables while the owner is still the one who does the care and some other maintenance needed like feeding, stall-cleaning, turnouts as well as grooming of their horses.

A self-board type is a type where the only provided thing is the stable itself, and the owners will be the one to do all types of care needed by their horses. It is like renting their stable and still taking care of your horse.

A pasture board type is a special type of boarding wherein most owners avail this kind of service depending on the sufficiency of grass and another feeding. This is being availed by most owners usually during times of draught or winter.

Related Question:

  1. How much does a barn costs per square foot?
# Stalls/Barn Dimensions Barn Cost
4 stall barn 40×40 $14,400
6 stall barn 40×60 $21,600
8 stall barn 40×80 $25,600
10 stall barn 40×90 $28,800
  1. What are the top 8 best equestrian facilities in America?
  • Will Rogers Memorial Center in Forth Worth, Texas
  • Florida Horse Park in Ocala, Florida
  • Governor James B. Hunt Horse Complex in Raleigh, North Carolina
  • HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York
  • Brownland Farm in Franklin, Tennessee
  • Fox Lea Farm in Venice, Florida
  • Colorado Horse Farm in Parker, Colorado
  • Sandy Point Stables in Portsmouth, Rhode Island
  1. What is the usual kind of flooring and ceiling that owners used in building their horse’s stables?

The common type of flooring that most owners used in their stables are the concrete type because it is a non-slip kind and this hard flooring is also easier to disinfect and can be hosed down if necessary. However, these floors are harder on a horse’s legs, so they usually put stall mats made of a rubbery material for a comfortable kind of flooring. For the horse stable’s ceiling, they usually have lower ceilings. Ceiling height should allow their horses to raise their head comfortably and without hitting the ceiling. Also, the ceiling can be adjusted depending on the height of the horses as they grow taller and larger through time.



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