Do You Need A Horse Trailer To Transport Miniature Horses?

So you are in the market for a mini horse or already have one and are looking to move it. Maybe you have a little one that is going to show horses and want to know how to get it to that horse show. Many questions can arise when getting something that isn’t as big as a quarter horse but much bigger than a dog.

mini horses

So do you need a horse trailer for mini horses? I have never seen any specific laws to hauling mini horses so first check your local laws. You do not need a horse trailer to haul miniature horses. You can use a converted utility trailer or converted minivan as well. 

You are probably looking to not spend as much money and you shouldn’t have too with a mini horse or pony. If you can spend less on feed and hay why not on transportation. So we will talk about several different options that all might not be considered safe or legal depending on where you live. Most people growing up it was okay to ride in the bed of a truck growing up well most places in the states that is now legal that is kind of what I mean. Check your local laws call up the local police officers and ask them as well or even ask your vet.

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How To Haul A Mini Horse

Whether you have one mini horse or many you may at some time have to haul them or have them hauled to a show.  There are options other then a horse trailer, but if you have access to one you can use it just as well. Take a look see what works best for you the best thing is that most options are budget friendly.

Using A Horse Trailer

If you already have a horse trailer you can convert it into a mini friendly one pretty easily. Just makes sure your vehicle has the hauling capacity to move it.

  • Single horse would be the easiest, but multi-horse will work just as well. Bumper pull as well is all you will need.
  • If you have panels for regular horses they probably leave a gap to high for the mini horse to go underneath so remove.
  • Users choice but I would elect to remove any dividers so it is just like an open stock trailer
  • Too tie or not to tie is always the question. Again users choice. If you do tie make sure not to leave too long so they get caught up but just insert hooks into the side wall. Most will already have hooks in the corner. See how they like to ride first but most minis like to ride sideways if there are multiple minis as well. So tie to the side.
  • You can order mini dividers or just have some made custom as well.
  • Plywood – you can bolt or fasten plywood to the partition panel to have it extend down to the ground which is cheap and effective

Using A Utility Trailer

A smaller shorter utility trailer can be converted into a mini horse trailer as well.

  • You can leave all open just like a stock trailer
  • Make sure to get rid of anything sticking out
  • Utility trailers are usually pretty easy to mount hooks for tying as well
  • Just think about how short it is for cleaning purposes. If you are bent over cleaning all the time might not be fun. If you only need it for limited use then not a problem at all.

Using A Minivan or Panel Van

Yes I have seen this as well actually many times. This will depend on how your mini acts if they are alreay used to riding in a  van then good to go.

  • Consider stripping everything out of the van
  • Put back down plywood flooring
  • This actually can be the cheapes option you can find older vans for very cheap that aren’t in that bade of condition
  • A portable ramp or folding ramp if you can’t get them to jump on that high

Using A Truck Bed

Yes this happens as well although I wouldn’t suggest this route these days.

  • Most I have seen build a box
  • You can also use a big dog kennel
  • Just something to hold them in and keep them safer and feeling safer
  • A tall truck bed top would work as well
  • I wouldn’t sugges multiple minis


Yes people do just put them in the back of cars with fold down seats as well. Most minis will outgrow this stage

Should I Tie My Horse In the Trailer

Too Tie or Not To Tie

I wanted to go a little deeper into this since it can be a touchy subject. We do both depending on circumstances, length of trip, and horses tendencies and character. Get to know your horse and you should know the answer. If it is a newer horse ask on the history. If you know nothing about the horse well there are options for that as well.

  • Whenever possible we haul our horses untied or tied loosely (not so they can get caught up in it)

Why untied? It is our feeling that horses can just react better when untied to the road conditions. If you hit a big unexpected hole in a highway it may throw the horse for a loop and fall down. Guess what if they are tied they are probably going to freak out and make things worse. Also they probably have a better chance of surviving an actual accident if they are untied.

  • Camera – why not just install a camera then you won’t have to worry as much if they are tied or untied. You can similarly get to know your horse that much more when you watch them ride.

Even a baby video monitor costs around 50 bucks that you can install very easily. If you do this you will know what to do with your horse. We leave as much space as possible so the horse can move around as much as they can. Helps to keep them loose and less stressed on the travel. Make sure you are stopping in increments so your horse can rest. When you are driving your horse is always tense.

Should I halter my mini horse in the trailer?

This is another question that has people answering every which way. This again is up to you. We do and we don’t same as tying. Our only negative thoughts are if they get caught on something they will start freaking out and can hurt themselves or another horse.

Of course, if you do by chance (hopefully never) get into an accident and your horses get free then guess what it will be much harder to round them up. But also during the course of that accident, they could get caught up something and hurt themselves or be unable to get out of trouble. So it is a fine line and you must make that choice yourself.



I have owned over 50 horses and currently own a small horse farm with 8 horses. I have competed on and off for over 25 years while doing mostly trail riding and cow sorting these days. I write these articles to help anyone out there if you love this article pin it to your Pinterest or Share on other social media platform. Thanks for visiting.

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