What Is The Purpose Of Half Chaps? (Best Cowboy Half Chaps)

When riding a horse, we often think about convenience and safety. Therefore, riders often wear chaps to protect their legs from bruises, scratches and the like. Chaparajos of Mexican vaquero and charo served as prototypes for cowboy chap. The chaps were mass produced as working clothes and had a uniform appearance, which did not exclude the existence of individual models, especially as regards modernity.

horse jumping half chaps

What is its purpose of half chaps? Half chaps are usually used for British riding, in Western disciplines; they are rare, but used in a particularly hot period for greater rider comfort. Half chaps are a great replacement for high boots. Some riders prefer paddock boots, especially for pieces of training. For the reason that high boots are quite expensive and it is a pity to wear them day after day. And in this case, despite the shorter shoes, using half chaps rider can provide himself comfort and protect him from unwanted injuries.

Features of half chaps

A good feature of half chaps is that they are easy to use, transparent and cheaper than tall boots. That is why many riders prefer not to wear their tall boots, but to keep them out for demonstration performances. And at the same time, on any trip, it is important to take care of safety, since especially for British riding are often used metal saddles, which can be traumatic without protection, as you can get a bruise or scratch and in that case, you risk losing the horse’s handling. Therefore, without protection here is not enough, in this half chaps are excellent assistants.

In addition to protecting against injury, half chaps retain heat well and are comfortable and easy to use. It is also a good way to keep your pants clean from dirt and horse sweat since half chaps are easy to take off and very comfortable to wash, they do not wear out as tall boots. Such benefits are especially significant for beginner riders and children.

What material are half chaps made of?

Most half chaps are made from suede and leather. Depends on the rider, what material he likes and more convenient to use. Usually they are made in black and brown colors, but of course, the design can be chosen at will. Thus, to our comfort, we add a stylish appearance that can complement the image of the rider.

What other types of chaps are there?

Shotgun “or” closed leg “- both leg sewn along the entire length of the leg. There are two patch pockets. Often decorated at the side with a fringe. “Batwing” – the legs are not sewn but wrapped around the leg. One side of the skin is left in the form of a wide panel. The inner part is wrapped around the leg and fastened from the inside with hooks and loops. The loops hold the straps, which are brought out to the wide panels, where they also hold metal or leather sockets and form a rare fringe. Also has a pair of pockets. Batwing is easier to put on and take off than other chaps. “Chinks” are two to four inches below the knee, often with a very long fringe at the bottom and sides. The design is like in batwings. As a rule, there are only two fastenings on the thigh. They are cooler and more suitable for warm climates.


Half chaps are a good and convenient way of protection when riding a horse. They are transparent and allow you not to wear expensive shoes, as well as make the trip easy and safe.


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