Can A Mini Horse And Mini Donkey Breed?

offspring of mini donkey and mini horse

We love minis and we love mini donkeys of course. They are adorable and exact mini replicas of their bigger counterparts with the same attitude as well. They can get along with each but if you have 2 mini donkeys and 2 mini horses together they will herd up separately more then likely.

So can a miniature horse and miniature donkey actually breed? 

Yes they can and are called mini mules. Miniature mules are defined as a hybrid equine being born from a male donkey or jack and female horse also known as mare breeding. If male horse or stallion breeds a female donkey or jenny it is called a mini henny. 

Mini mules are definitely not main stream but it is true they around and mini horses and donkeys can breed. If you don’t believe us that is okay we have real mini owners that share their opinions on mini mules below.

Mini Horse And Mini Donkey Breeding

Below are some mini horse owners responses to the question on miniature donkey and miniature horses breeding. We curated this information from several different forums and websites.

The answers have not changed except some spelling and grammar where needed.

Real Owners

 1. PonyBoi09 “Can Cross Both Ways” – i think im right, the ones produced by crossing a stallion and a jenny is call a henny. The ones produced by a jack and a mare are mules. I have heard

of people crossing them both ways.

2. CLC Stables “Half A$$ Breeders” – As many of you know Mr. Roger Eitel probably one of the best judges around, he also has a minimule. My little joke with him is that he is a half”a s s”

breeder HAHAHAH

3. MiniMule “Yes True Miniature Mules Are A Thing” – Yes there are such things as TRUE miniature mules. In the registry a miniature mule is anything under 48″ at the withers. A TRUE

miniature to me is anything under 38″. I have 4 now and a possible 3 more coming in Mar/Apr. The biggest is now a 2 yr old out of a 33″ mare and a 32″ jack. He stands about 37″ now. The

smallest is last years out of a 30″ mare and the 32″ jack. At 9 months she MIGHT be 28″ tall.

4. Sonya “Very Interesting” – Ok – trying to get this straight – so if you breed a mini horse stallion with a mini mare donkey it’s a henny? and a mini donkey jack with a mini horse mare is a

mule? Why is it different? Difference in chromosomes or something?

I always thought a jenny was a female mule, very confusing stuff. Is it the same for big horses? Are mini mules/jennies also sterile like full size horses?

Thanks…very interesting.

5. MinMule2 “Yes” – Yes, you got it correct….. male horse + female donkey = hinny, male donkey + female horse = mule. I’m not sure where the names originated.

Yes, a hybrid is sterile. That is because of the odd number of chromozomes. Even though the mules are sterile, we still geld the “johns” before they are 3 months old. A mule has enough going on

in their brain, they don’t need the additional “thinking” going on.


Intact male donkey = Jack

Female donkey = jenny

Baby female donkey = jennet

Gelded male donkey = gelding, some call them johns


Male = John

Female = Molly

6. Minx “Amazing” – Minimule. this is very dangerous territory! NOW we want a minimule! Of course a dun or Buckskin to drive! :bgrin Are they stronger than a miniature horse?

What about temperment, and where do we get videos and books on the minimules to learn by?

We atach and tape everything Meredith Hodeges and it so much fun to watch, but like everything else, due to our age we would have to go hunting for an aged experienced trained one.

For now we will admire from afar!

Why Breed A Mini Mule With A Mini Horse?

Mules have been around since the ancient Egypt times so they are not new in the least. So it makes sense that a mini horse and mini donkey would eventually breed just like regular sized ones did way back then.

Mini mules can be used for anything that miniature horses and donkey are used for just like:

  • Riding – have a kid 100lbs or less saddle up mini mule and let them ride. They can be trained just like a mini horse.
  • Packing – like hiking pack up the mini mule and take them along. Yes they actually have saddle packs for mini mules.
  • Driving – you can use wagons and carts just like you would with a mini horse
  • Showing – some places even have mini mule classes or they are combined classes.
  • Companion Animal – they can work great for other mules, donkey, horses either mini or regular sized.


Related Questions

Where Can I Buy A Mini Mule?

You can buy a mini mule by checking your local newspaper classified for starters. From there you can take your search online to places like Craigslist or even the Facebook marketplace. You will find them for relatively cheap prices. If you can’t find anything local search your bordering states you may have to travel a bit to find you one you want.

Do Mini Horses And Mini Donkeys Get Along?

Mini horses and mini donkeys can get along great. Just make sure they have enough space to get away from each other at first. They can be great life long companions Be careful as they can breed and make mini mules as well. They do have slightly different diets so you may have to grain them separately but this isn’t always the case.

Is A Miniature Horse A Donkey?

No miniature horses are not donkey as they are different species but are in the same family.

Are Mini Horses Good Horse Companions?

Mini horses can be great horse companions and life long friends. They both can live to be about the same age into their 30’s. Make sure you have enough space in the pasture

Final Thoughts

Yes a mini horse can in fact breed with a mini donkey and vice versa. If a male mini donkey breeds with a female horse you get a mule. If a male horse breeds with a female donkey you get a mini henny.


I have owned over 50 horses and currently own a small horse farm with 8 horses. I have competed on and off for over 25 years while doing mostly trail riding and cow sorting these days. I write these articles to help anyone out there if you love this article pin it to your Pinterest or Share on other social media platform. Thanks for visiting.

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