Can Miniature Horses Eat Carrots?

mini horse eating carrots

Although miniature horses are just like their bigger cousins in many ways. Since they do come in a smaller package you do need to watch what and how much you feed them since it can lead to health concerns including obesity.

So can you fee horses carrots? 

Yes miniature horses can eat carrots and most all absolutely love them so don’t be afraid to let them indulge on them every once in awhile. However they are a sweet vegetables so in moderation okay just don’t give to them every day. Feeding just a half of a large carrot should be enough if you are giving more frequently. 

Carrots are a great fresh snack as they can last a week or more in your barn normally without being in the fridge plus they are pretty cheap. There are also carrot flavored treats that can be a bit healthier since carrots do have starch and are a bit sugary.

Can Mini Horses Eat Carrots Everyday?

You should not feed mini horses carrots everyday unless they are highly active and/or showing. If you have been feeding everyday or really just want to just pay attention mainly to the size and weight of your horse. Make sure they are gaining too much weight that will lead to obesity.

There are several ways to check for this one of the easiest ways is just to stick your finger into the rib section if you feel the ribs easily then your horse is not obese if you just feel skin and tissue then your horse may be overweight.

We love our mini’s so just don’t take our word on this subject. We have gone out and gathered other information from mini horse owners to get their opinions. We curated this information from a number of different sources including horse forums and sub reddits.

Only some grammar and spelling has been corrected other then that the answers have remained the same.

Feeding Mini’s Carrots

Answers From Real Miniature Horse Owners

1. RabbitsFizz “Not Too Many” – I have bought feed stock carrots and fed them as part of the total feed- not too many of course but more than they would get as titbit’s. No problems in

feeding, problem was in keeping them fresh, they go off very quickly and you need to keep them frost free too and away form damp.

2. HoofHeated “Treat them like treats” – They are high in sugars, we limit them to treats. Kids find the baby carrots easier to feed than than slices.

3. DisneyHorse “High in sugar” – They are very high in sugar. I don’t believe in feeding “treats” very often anyway as there is no point. Humans perceive giving treats as “love” but horses

don’t. They just eat.

4. MajorClementine “Feed them all summer” – I feed mine carrots all summer. I grow them so my son likes to pick them and give them to the horses. I also let them have the bowl full of carrot peel when I’m done canning carrots. I’ve never had a problem with it but that’s just me. I figure it’s only about 3 months out of the year that they get them so why not? And how do you tell the cute toddler son that the horses “notta have carrots?”?

5. Chandab “Too many will add to their waistline” – Minis can have carrots, but too many can add to their wasteline. As carrots are mostly sugar and starch, if you want to feed them to your minis, you must feed in moderation (maybe a couple baby carrots, or half of a full-size carrot). If your horse has metabolic issues such as IR or prone to founder; then carrots are not a good idea, as you will need to watch their carbs.

6. Black Magic “Baby carrots work great” – We get baby carrots and then I cut those up for a treat from time to time. I find that watermelon that is nice and ice cold in the summer is more appreciated anyway. Frozen grapes… are also a fav around here. First of all, you never mentioned WHAT KIND OF HAY??? When I use Coastal, I get hay bellies… when I use T & A… less belly size within a month or two.

I would explain to the woman that you appreciate her concern for your baby, but that as I was told, “minis are always on the verge of founder”. I was told, you can feed a 1200 lb horse a slice of pizza… and see little or no effect… but feed Pizza to a mini… is just asking for problems. And yes, I know someone that feeds her horse pizza as a snack. (she and I don’t agree on this issue).

We grow our own carrots, so we know there is no insecticide on them, and they are pest free… so I’m proud of the fact that hubby started that for me. I even freeze carrots for the winter mos…

One of the snack things I feel a need to mention was mentioned a long time ago, by someone that worked for Buckeye feeds. She said the treats are designed to work with the feed, and to compliment the feed, and to maintain certain levels of carbs and such. She said, if I fed Buckeye, to use their treats, and if I feed another brand.. to use their treats. She said… one of the biggest problems she heard about, was people feeding treats that weren’t made by the company that made the feed, and having a reaction to that… So I thought I’d pass that on…

7. Qtrrae “Mix it up a bit as well” – Mine love cut up apples, carrots and watermelon – some of them love grapes.

Just this morning I added shredded carrots to their beet pulp. It was a big hit with them.

My two little dwarves Treasure and Buddy both have a sweet tooth and they would MUCH rather have peppermints!!

Erica, I LOVE your fruit salad idea: “Dice up apples both green/red, cube carrots, throw in some rasins, cube small pieces of watermelon with the rine left on, a little catalope, then mix in some Quaker oats and a small amount of brown sugar.”

Hmmmm! I can’t wait to try that!!!

Final Thoughts

Well there you have it minis do love carrots they probably shouldn’t have them all the time, but you just need to make sure they don’t put on a ton of weight or eat too many at one time for most. If your mini is active they should be just fine eating carrots in moderation.

So it won’t be a bad thing to give them carrots as a treat among other healthy snacks.


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