How Much Weight Can A Miniature Horse Carry? (Mini Horse Facts)

Miniature horses are cute pets that are distinguished by their small size, quiet character, and cheerfulness. Many give birth to mini horses, as pets and even sometimes kept indoors. These animals are usually very affectionate and sociable.

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How Much Weight Can A Miniature Horse Carry? On average, it is not recommended to load a miniature horse weighing more than 70 pounds. Of course, a horse, depending on the build, can withstand 10 and 20 pounds more, but there is a high probability that this will adversely affect the health of the animal.

Mini horses are strong

The miniature horses are quite hardy, so they can carry all of them optimally for their complexion for quite a long time. If you harness a miniature horse in a harness, then she will be able to lead about 180 pounds, that is, even an adult person of average build. For example, from the middle of the XIX century, mini horses were already hard at work in mines and mines, hauling trolleys with the breed and showing remarkable endurance. But you should not overstrain the animal; constant fatigue can lead to a weakening of the immune system and a depressed mood.

Despite the fact that miniature horses can withstand much less weight than their big relatives, they are still talented horses and very appealing in circulation. Therefore, they are great for teaching children to ride a horse. They are also used in therapy for sick children. Mini horses are very friendly, so kids are not afraid of them and quickly find a common language. Mini horses have long been successfully replaced guide dogs. They quickly memorize the necessary route and, thanks to the calm, balanced character, less than dogs, react to external stimuli. Mini-horses perfectly trainable – they are easy to teach various tricks, and in the circus rooms with the participation of large horses and mini-horses look spectacular.

How to feed a mini horse?

The diet of a mini-horse should be varied. Nutritionally concentrated feed should be up to 20%, the rest of the diet – coarse feed. Rough feed (hay, grass, grass meal) can make up almost the entire ration of a mini-horse and ask plenty, while concentrates (grain, cereal, muesli, etc.) should be given with care, in small quantities, as with insufficient physical exertion, mini-horses quickly grow fat, acquiring with obesity a number of diseases associated with metabolism.

The rate of giving concentrates should be consistent with the weight category of the mini and with the amount of work it does: for example, a horse regularly working under a top or in a harness should receive an additional portion of concentrates, while a non-working horse can receive concentrates only as a treat. Apples and root vegetables are usually given as a treat in the winter.

Miniature horses graze beautifully in the pasture throughout the pasture season with minimal feeding. But even during the pasture season and during the stall one should not forget about mineral and vitamin supplements since they are especially sensitive to the lack of nutrients and minerals in the feed.

What breeds of mini horses are there?

To date, there are several breeds of mini horses, the most famous of which are: Falabella, American miniature and mini Appaloosa. The miniature Falabella horses were bred in Argentina at the Recreo de Roca Ranch in the vicinity of Buenos Aires by the Falabella family about a hundred years ago. Horses of the Falabella breed carry the dominant gene, which leads to a decrease in the size of the offspring obtained from crossing them with large horses. Falabella has the addition of a riding horse: they have slender legs, a graceful light head and neck, and small hoofs.

American miniature horses are distinguished by the correct composition characteristic of riding horses: a light broad head with a slightly concave profile and large expressive eyes, a long neck, an oblique shoulder blade, a well-muscled body, slender, with the correct set of legs. Almost all possible suits are found in the breed. The distinctive features of the mini-appaloosa and Appaloosa breeds are: Mottled skin, striped hooves, dark iris, clearly limited from the whites of the eyes, the miniature appaloosa grows 86 ± 15 cm. patterns


Mini horses are wonderful pets. Thanks to the calm good-natured disposition and comprehensibility, these horses are ideal game partners for children. They carry children, and in harness easily carry an adult.



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