How To Get Horse Hair To Grow Back? (Horse Mane Growth)

A Horse’s hair grows on three places over its body. Having a horse is nice and everything but taking care of it is a big task. Like taking care of his hair from three places! Don’t take good care, of them and they’re gone. However, they can be very much brought back if they have been reduced by getting damaged, with a few careful steps.

horse hare mane

So how to get horse hair to grow back? The quickest best success we have had getting horses hair to grow back is using Cowboy Magic – detangler & shine. Wash and condition the hair first then apply this stuff works great. Then make sure they are getting supplements to help with hair growth like protein, amino acids and vitamins.

Exploring Other Options

It’s not an impossible thing to do, it just requires hard work and patience. So, if you have a horse that has been losing hair, get him back his hair or it will be too late, just read the below other ways and follow them carefully to get his precious and beautiful hair back:

Change diet

Get your horse to have a healthy diet that would improve his hair condition. Get a good quality feed for him and also serve him other nutrients like vitamin B, essential amino acids and minerals such as copper and zinc.

Use good-quality shampoo

Wash your horse’s hair thoroughly with a good horse shampoo and avoid using products that are not meant for horses’ or humans’ hair. You shouldn’t shampoo them very often as they can become lighter and break. Horse’s tail has the longest hair on his body so they need the most attention as well. Shampoo them carefully and build suds in the hair. Mind the eyes when applying shampoo in the forelock.

Rinse Thoroughly

After all the hair has been covered of the horse with shampoo suds, it’s time to rinse them off carefully and completely.

Condition the Hair evenly

Now take a conditioner that’s best for hair growth of horses and apply it all over the hair but, remember to wash away some of it at the top of the tail hair where the tailbone is. Always apply conditioner on wet hair.

Slip knot

After applying conditioner, tie the horses tail in a slip knot so that the wet hair don’t get dirty from being on the ground and that they don’t get stepped on by the horse and break. A slip knot is also helpful in retaining the shine from the conditioner in the tail hair.

Be Careful!

But, be very careful in tying up the tail hair so as to not tie the tailbone with it. If you accidently tie the tailbone with the hair too, then remove it immediately so that the blood circulation to the hair doesn’t stop.


One of the most crucial things is to take care of combing of the horse’s hair. It is important to only use brushes or combs that suit best to the horse’s hair and won’t break them. A wide-toothed comb is a good option for brushing the hair nicely. Never brush a horse’s hair that is too tangled. Always brush them gently after they have been washed and conditioned. Brush the tail hair from the bottom and then take it to the top, gradually. Hold the hair with one hand and brush with the other so that the hair doesn’t break and horse doesn’t feel any pain when tangles come in between.

Use tail bags

To protect the tail hair from staying on the ground and breaking by coming under the horse’s feet, or getting ripped by getting tangling into something if the horse swats flies with it a lot, then you could put the hair up in a tail bag or a sock. Doing so can help the tail hair grow longer without being harmed by the outside environment. But you should be careful as to not let the hair stay in the bag for too long for they can break easily from the top place that they are tied.

Braid them up

There are a few ways by which the mane and tail hair can be braided. After braiding the tail hair, put them in a tail bag for maximum protection against any kind of harm. Braiding the hair gives them strength to grow into healthy and thick hair. Braid the tail hair with rubber bands that are safe for the horse’s hair and aren’t too tight.

Bang the hair

Another useful technique to get horse’s hair to grow thick, is getting them banged, as in, trimming them. Trim the long hair from the bottom of the tail to give them a boxed, thick look. Remember to never trim the hair more than the fetlock joint though. This is important to get the thick volume in the hair and also get them from coming under the horse’s feet and getting torn out.


So, now that you’ve read and understood all the methods on how to get the horse hair to grow back, don’t wait any longer to get your horse’s hair back to the beautiful long and thick hair they used to be. Spend some quality time with your horse! Give his hair the care that they needs. Shampoo and condition his hair and brush them nicely and gently as to not hurt your horse in the process. Your horse is there for your fun and enjoyment but you should remember to take care of him every time you ride it, before and after, look at his hair and remove anything that’s tangled in them and use a dander brush to remove any kind of dirt stuck on it and detangle them every day.


I have owned over 50 horses and currently own a small horse farm with 8 horses. I have competed on and off for over 25 years while doing mostly trail riding and cow sorting these days. I write these articles to help anyone out there if you love this article pin it to your Pinterest or Share on other social media platform. Thanks for visiting.

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