What Is 1D, 2D, 3D, And 4D In Barrel Racing? (Different Types Of Races)

Barrel Racing is a fairly well-known way of competition among horse racing enthusiasts. And often such competitions are held in 4D format (very rarely there is a 5D or 6D formats). And if you met with similar names, then you probably come across such designations as 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d. And in fact there is nothing supernatural, the answer lies on the surface.

1D 2D 3D 4D barrel racing

What does 1D, 2D, 3D, and 4D Mean? These are the names of divisions in the format of 4D barrel racing. Between them, there is a clear separation, despite the fact that all participants participate in one race. Each of the four divisions is determined by time brackets. The participant who showed the best result determines the further division indicators of the divisions. Thus, having become acquainted with the general concept of this system, we will be able to further understand the whole principle of operation.

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How the classification works

1d – the first and defining division. The participant with the best results sets the bar by which the rest in the table with the results will continue to be equal. And so, in the first division gets the best result and those whose result was more than 0.5 seconds. This is followed by the second division. If we add the whole second to the first, we get the results of the third division.

And based on the established logic, if you add another 0.5 seconds here, then all subsequent results will be included in the fourth division. For clarity, we take as the best result of 20 “. Thus, 1d: 20.00” – 20.49”, 2d: 20.05” – 20.99”, 3d: 21.00” – 21.49”, 4d: 21.50” – the rest of participants.

I hope we clarified the essence of these notations. They help to share the skills and abilities of the participants and at the same time allow all participants to be in equal conditions. The designations make it clear enough whether the horse is in a professional league or just a newcomer to the sport.

And there are a number of advantages. Knowing in which division the horse is located, it is easier to assess their chances of winning in various competitions. Being in the first division, the participant can fight for more serious trophies.

the same time, younger and inexperienced participants are not ignored. Also, this division is a stimulus, where everyone wants to either maintain a leading position in his division, or move to a higher level.

Apart from the competition itself, is this classification useful?

It is no secret that many horse owners periodically sell or buy horses. And such a classification is sometimes a determining factor in setting the price, as well as in the decision to buy this or that horse or not. Knowing which division a horse is in is much easier to make decisions.

What are the advantages of 4D barrel racing format?

Probably the most obvious advantage is that in such competitions, all participants are on an equal footing, passing the same pattern on the same track. And despite his age, experience, everyone can win in his division, as well as enjoy the race equally. And of course, this competitive spirit cannot but motivate. Plus, of course, it is more convenient to organize such a format, it has clear rules and fairly clear distinctions.


1d, 2d, 3d, 4d is a very comfortable classification by divisions in the 4D barrel racing system. It brings benefits as to the competitors as to the sponsors and organizers. It also helps to understand the professionalism level of the horse and its rider. And for sure it gives the opportunity to try your hand no matter if you are a professional or just beginner.



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