What Is A Good Barrel Racing Time? (Barrel Racing Rules and Facts)

For any athlete, it is very important to achieve the best results every time, to train in order to achieve the goals set and reach new heights. And it is far from the exception of such a kind of equestrian sport, as a barrel racing.

barrel racing time

What is a good barrel Racing Time? Surely many people involved in barrel racing or are close to this sport are interested in what result is considered good in this sport. And there is no definite figure. A “good” result depends on many factors, such as the length of the course, the distance at which the barrels are set, the age of the horse, the experience of the rider. That’s why, in each competition, we can consider completely different results to be good, there is no exact standard. So do not forget that the barrel of racing is a team sport and much depends on the coherence of the horse and the rider.

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More about timing in barrel racing

We can assume that we have a track designed for 16 seconds; in this case, most likely we will see the winner of the team last track in about 15.7, which eventually sets the pace for the entire competition. But just do not forget that the competition barrel racing divided into divisions and in each division has its best indicator, its good time. Just because it is impossible to equate young horses with their more experienced colleagues, we can say the same about riders. Therefore, when determining the “good” time is very important to consider all factors. Plus, thanks to the 4D format (division into 4 divisions), the team’s odds can be more accurately assessed. Of course, we have records, as an example, we have a record on Thomas & Mack Arena, Las Vegas in 2006, Brandie Halls with her horse set up an arena record of 13.52”. But that is just the particular case on the particular arena.

What does a barrel ride look like?

Barrel racing, for the most part, is a female sport, a kind of rodeo racing. Participants will start one at a time, it is necessary as quickly as possible to drive the route around three barrels, arranged in a triangle. The length of the race and the distance between the barrels can vary, but usually the standard distribution of the barrels looks like this: 90 feet between barrel 1 and 2, 105 feet between barrel 1 and 3 and score lines Also, it is very important to pass the race according to the rules, without touching the barrels, in case of violation, the team is penalized.

Are there any tips to get the best result?

Of course, first and foremost important is the coordinated work of the team, that is, the horse and the rider. Also, a well-chosen saddle plays an important role in order to be comfortable and safe, which is why there are special saddle barrels for racing. It is also good to start the canter even before the start line, in order not to waste time on overclocking, just as you should not slow down to the finish line in order not to add extra seconds to your result. Do not forget that it is not necessary to squeeze the maximum speed out of the horse, and then it will be difficult to control and maneuver in turns; select the optimum speed to ensure maneuverability and safety. Plus, it will help to balance between the barrels and avoid penalty seconds.


Barrel racing has no clear time standard. The main thing is well-coordinated work and proper training. Pursuing the goal of becoming better ourselves, you can achieve good results. And it is important not to demand, both from the horse and the rider, more than their age and experience can allow.



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