Top War Horse Names

Horses have been in our history for a long time from the Native Americans to the Medieval days. Every older movie you see or movie based on an older era horses are almost always a part of that plot in some way shape or form. We have always had horses growing up and love looking at the history and basing that history on how we treat and name our animals. It is a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

What Is A War Horse Called?

There were three main types of war horses in the European Middle Ages: destriers, coursers, and rounceys, each with its size and purpose. The training resulted in a fearless horse that was ready to fight and destroy both humans and horses. The rider-horse partnership is legendary.

Here, we have placed together the different lists of top and best war horse names that you will love. Surely, these lists will help you in choosing the most appropriate name for your favorite horse.

Female War Horse Names

  • Bela: Bela is a well-known horse from the “Wheel of Time” series.
  • Marengo: Marengo is an Arabic horse named after a famous battle that occurred in the city of Marengo.
  • Gypsy: “Gypsy from now where” is the name given to a gypsy horse.
  • Daenerys: It’s the name of the mother of dragons from Games of Thrones. It’s a most suited name for mares.
  • Isabel: Isabel is a lovely name with Spanish or other roots. When shortened to “Izzy” as a nickname, it’s also really appealing.
  • Sergeant Reckless: The Mongolian breed Reckless was brought into the United States in 1952, where she was trained by the US Marine Corps and became one of the most popular war horses. During the Battle for Outpost Vegas in 1953, she was highly knowledgeable, completing as many as 51 solo trips in a single day. She passed away in 1968. One of the most well-known war horse names.
  • Epona: She was a well-known horse in the Gallo-Roman region. Epona was a powerful protector of horses, donkeys, mules, and various ponies.
  • Adira: It’s a word that means “power” For female war horses, this is a very exotic-sounding term.
  • Kasztanka: Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, a Polish war hero mare, was known as “chestnut.” During World War I, she was a brown, chestnut-colored girl who battled ferociously with her owner.
  • Flicka: It is a character in the film “My Friend Flicka.”

Male War Horse Names

  • Nelson: George Washington owned a popular horse named Nelson, also known as Old Nelson.
  • Thowra: Meaning “breezy” or “windy.” in the film “The Silver Brumby,” a well-known stallion.
  • Blueskin: It’s George Washington’s grey horse. During the American Revolutionary War, he was one of the most prominent horses.
  • Kalinger: The United States Army owned this war horse. Klinger was used as a battle-ax.
  • Sefton: After surviving a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army in 1982, Sefton became a very famous and well-known horse (IRA). In the Hyde Park bombing, seven horses and four soldiers were killed, and Sefton was seriously injured.
  • Condor: From Kristen Britain’s ‘Green Rider’ series.
  • Altivo: haughty or stubborn in the animated film “The Road to El Dorado,” this was Cortez’s war horse name.
  • Smiler: In the ‘Game of Thrones’ sequence, especially in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ was the name of Theon Greyjoy’s war horse.
  • Gawain: One of the Round Table’s knights
  • Sir Briggs: Briggs survived a battle in which several other horses died of hunger and exhaustion. Finally, in 1874, he passed away.
  • Castor: It’s means “beaver.” Susan Cooper’s ‘The Dark is Rising Sequence’ gave this name to a Shire horse.
  • Aragorn: Your horse can be named after the famous King from the Lord of The Rings.

Black War Horse Names

  • Bucephalus: Alexander the Great’s horse and one of history’s most popular horses.
  • Onyx: Gemstone with a black coloration
  • Omanyama: Black in Zulu
  • Burmese: Burmese was a black RCMP police horse who spent his whole life working for the royal family.
  • Topthorn: Extracted from Michael Morpurgo’s novel War Horse.
  • Kuro: Black in Japanese
  • The Black: From Walter Farley’s series
  • Nightlight: Light that enables you to see in the dark
  • Blackjack: This horse was in the military for 29 years
  • Ares: Greek god of darkness

Top War Horse Names:

  • Comanche: Comanche was a well-known mixed-breed horse who survived the Battle of Little Bighorn. In 1868, the horse was brought in by the US army. During the war, Comanche battled natives in the United States and was injured. After the battle, his wounds were identified. Comanche’s bravery and courage were appreciated by fighters.
  • Traveler: During the American Civil War, this horse served as a mount for Confederate General Robert E Lee. Apart from his exceptional strength and pace, he was said to have a “rapid, springy walk” and a warm, energetic personality.
  • Palomo: Palomo was the horse of Simon Bolivar, Latin America’s “liberator.” He was a gift to Bolivar from an elderly peasant woman called Casilda, who had a dream of giving a horse to a great general, according to local legend. Palomo is a tall white horse with a long tail, according to the description.
  • Chetak: Chetak was a well-known North Indian horse. Before 1576, this horse was used in the Mughal-Rajput war. Maharaj Pratap’s favorite horse was Chetak. For his honor, the king later established a horse statue.
  • Shadowfax: For the people of Middle-earth, this horse was known as the Lord of Horses because it could run faster than the wind, was brave in war, and had almost unending power even over long distances.
  • Copenhagen: The Battle of Waterloo’s famous horse. Copenhagen was a horse that was a hybrid between an Arabian and a Thoroughbred. The second battle of Copenhagen is commemorated by the name. Copenhagen won 9 of his first 12 races before being sold to Duke of Wellington.
  • Sergeant Reckless: This fearless war horse with a notoriously huge appetite started her military career when she was purchased from a young Korean boy by a lieutenant. This little horse, named after the Marines’ “reckless rifles,” was bought solely to transport ammunition to the front lines, but she grew into much more than a packhorse. Soldiers taught her how to avoid fire by avoiding tripwire and dropping to the ground. When the war was over, she would join the guys for a beer.
  • Kasztanka: Kasztanka was a famous horse that belonged to Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, a Polish war hero. In Polish, her name means “chestnut,” which explains her complexion. She had been owned by Ludwik Popiel before being purchased by Pilsudski in 1914. During the First World War, she accompanied her master to several battles fought by Polish Legions on the side of Austro-Hungary and Germany. On November 11, 1927, at the Polish Independence Day parade on Saxon Square in Warsaw, Pilsudski rode Kasztanka for the last time. Kasztanka passed away on November 23, 1927.
  • Conpenhagen: Copenhagen was the war horse of Lord Arthur Wellesly, Duke of Wellington, and was named after the British victory at the Second Battle of Copenhagen. He was born in 1808 and was bred by General Grosvenor before being purchased by the Duke of Wellington in 1813. Copenhagen fought alongside Lord Wellesly in the Battle of Waterloo, defeating Napoleon Bonaparte together, and then retired.
  • Cincinnati: Cincinnati was one of three prominent war horses owned by Ulysses S. Grant, an American Civil War general and later President. Lexington, one of America’s fastest horses at the time, was his father. Cincinnati was present to Grant from an admirer during the American Civil War, and it accompanied him on many campaigns, becoming his favorite. In several of his memorials, Grant is portrayed riding the Cincinnati. Abraham Lincoln, the iconic president, was a huge fan of Cincinnati, which he used to ride every day. Admiral Daniel Ammen’s farm in Maryland was where the horse died in 1878.

Medieval War Horse Names

  • Carbonel
  • Margaris
  • Red Hare
  • Bayard
  • Sorel
  • Plantamor
  • Rous
  • Abbot
  • Alvis
  • Chetak
  • Grison
  • Eowyn
  • Neven
  • Binky
  • Geordie

Cool War Horse Names

  • Rocket
  • Shooter
  • Pokey
  • Hero
  • Arrow
  • Destiny
  • Tug
  • Boots
  • Leather
  • Bill
  • Fru-Fru
  • Silver Bullet
  • Cocoa
  • Breeze
  • Nico
  • Kleo
  • Ruin
  • Eclipse
  • Bolt
  • Major
  • Alpha
  • Wings

Civil War Horse Names

  • Old Sorrel: Stonewall Jackson’s favorite. The skeleton of the animal is on display at the VMI Museum in Lexington.
  • The Roen: Brown Roan, one of Lee’s backup horses, became blind in 1862 and had to be retired.
  • Fly-By-Night: Ridden by James Longstreet. In 1864, General Robert E. Lee gave it to him as a present.
  • Curtis Lee: The horse survived the war but was killed in a buffalo chase by misfortune.
  • Jennie: Ballou’s horse was killed at First Bull Run, he was mortally wounded at the battle.
  • Ajax: Robert E. Lee rode it early in the battle. Lee returned Ajax to the farm because he thought the horse was too large for him.
  • Rondy: Ulysses S. Grant’s very first war horse.
  • Rienzi (Winchester): Sheridan’s famous ride at the Battle of Winchester had renamed him.
  • Sam: General Sherman rode on this horse. In war, this fast horse was wounded several times and died in 1884.
  • Moscow: Ridden by Phillip Kearny, Kearny’s favorite, but he stopped riding him because of his bright white color.

Celtic War Horse Names

  • Treasigh: Fighter
  • Alabhaois: Famous Soldier
  • Maeve: Legendary queen of warriors
  • Conleth: Wise
  • Quaid: Strong warrior
  • Anntoin: Priceless
  • Shanahan: Wise
  • Cathel: Battle Strong
  • Ualtar: Strong Fighter
  • Hurley: Sea Tide
  • Donnacha: Warrior with Brown Hairs
  • Lugaidh: Famous Warrior
  • Piritta: Strong
  • Clancy: Ruddy Warrior
  • Fiadh: Free Spirit
  • Murray: Lord of the sea
  • Padriac: Noble


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